Mi Estrellita/My Little Star

In the “Loss, (mi estrellita/my little star),” image I am interpreting a dream I have had since the age of eleven. It is a very personal ongoing project. After being diagnosed with a condition that prevents me from conceiving children back in 2007, I felt the need to explore this theme of loss through a series of dream sequences.

In the dream, I envision myself being the mother of a little girl. At times comforting, most of the time the dream ends with loss after she passes away or I pass away giving birth to her. I have the same dream every few year and at times she is older and we have conversations. If you look closely, you could see the ghost figure of the little girl stepping close to me caressing my face.


Analú Maria López

Mi Estrellita/My Little Star, 2009-present
Archival pigment print
Each: 17 x 22 in. (43.2 x 55.8 cm)