One day the Whole city will be this Beautiful, Photographs by Analú Maria López

What is an artist? The Oxford English Dictionary defines the older broader meaning of the term “artist,” as a learned person, a person who pursues science, traditionally medicine, alchemy or chemistry,” but they also define it as “A follower of a pursuit in which skill comes by the study or practice-the opposite of a theorist.” I like this last definition.

I have gone back and forth trying to decide on a title for this book. The first edition of this book was titled “One Day the Whole City will be this Beautiful.” Taken from a “tag” I photographed (see photo on second page) while embarking on this project back in 2008. Then I changed it to “Images and Interviews with Chicago Artists.” From what I have witnessed while working with these artists, they live, breathe and do their art passionately everyday. Most have 9 to 5 jobs but their artwork is created 24/7, at times into the twilight. I have been fortunate to be up late nights ichatting with many as they create their work. I believe in my hearts of hearts they too believe “one day..” through the “beauty” of their art, IT will “..all be beautfiul.”

Getting back to the definition of an artist “A follower of a pursuit in which skill comes by the study or practice,” I do believe whether it is grafitti art or influenced by grafitti all these individuals at the end of the day, are all in pursuit to studying a specific skill in relation to their art. They may use spray paint to create huge murals or even spray paint integrated into their gallery work. It is a tool they use to materialize their art.

Going through these pages you will find artists that can be boxed into being “graffiti artists” while others as “Artists.” There is a fine line when defining an artist. I hope I have done them (and their artwork) justice when depicting each one. And their interviews should shed further light on the topic of “Graffit and Art,” as well. Enjoy.


Call It What You Will – Exhibition Catalogue

In the fall of 2005 I met Dulce Rodriguez while enrolled in an upper class photography course at Columbia College. We were admirers of each others work and often times would stand in the hall way after class and talk about photography, family, ideas, and goals. One idea was organizing a show compromising of an all Latino/a Female photographers. This idea kept coming up every time we spoke and she mentioned how she had the same conversation with another Columbia College photographer and friend by the name of Erica Contreras. It felt as if we all had the same ambitions to come together and share our photographs. Time passed, life happened, then it happened again, and again. We moved on, some of us graduating and taking our place as working professionals in our respective fields of photography. One thing that remained constant was our contact with each other and our goals in organizing an exhibit such as the current one.

Fast forward to fall of 2008. I am part of a group show with one of many collectives I have been part of over the years. I invite Erica and Dulce to attend. It is here at this show that once again these ideas of an all Latino/a show surfaces. Timing was on our side and we each seemed to be in a place where we now could have this idea realized.

We began the logistics by scouting for more photographers/artists to bring aboard. Enter Elia Alamillo and Vanessa Saucedo. Our main prerequisites: dedication, commitment and pride to our purpose. All of these photographers (and dear friends) have shown all of these traits on a constant bases that has made this exhibit possible.

Call It What You Will – Exhibit Essay

Call it What You Will – Exhibition invite